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Unveiling Diamond Certification

What Does Diamond Certification Entail?

At Lameya, we prioritize transparency and attention to detail. Diamond
certification is a comprehensive document provided by independent
gemological laboratories, meticulously outlining the distinct characteristics
and quality of your precious stone.

Does Diamond Certification Mean the Same as Diamond Grading?

Although these terms are often used interchangeably, there exists a nuanced
difference. Diamond certification encompasses a broader evaluation,
including cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. In contrast, diamond grading
typically focuses on assessing these individual characteristics. At Lameya,
our diamonds undergo both detailed certification and grading processes.
How Does a Certified Diamond Differ from a Non-Certified Diamond?
A certified diamond undergoes thorough examination by independent
gemological experts, offering a guarantee of quality, authenticity, and
adherence to ethical standards. Conversely, a non-certified diamond lacks
this formal documentation, leaving you without a clear understanding of the
stone's attributes and origin.

What Role Does Diamond Certification Play?

Diamond certification is crucial for making an informed and confident
purchase. It acts as a guide to your diamond's unique qualities, allowing you
to appreciate its brilliance and make a well-informed investment. At
Lameya, each certified diamond is accompanied by a detailed document,
ensuring transparency and a lasting record of your precious stone's

Are Certified Diamonds Priced Higher?

While the initial cost of certified diamonds may be slightly higher, their
transparency and assurance of quality often make them a more valuable and
wise investment. At Lameya, we prioritize delivering exceptional value,
ensuring that the authenticity and quality of your diamond are never

Is Opting for a Certified Diamond a Better Choice?

Absolutely. Opting for a certified diamond is synonymous with choosing
transparency, authenticity, and quality. A certified diamond from Lameya
gives you the confidence that your investment reflects the true beauty and
rarity of the stone. We encourage our clients to choose certified diamonds
for a purchase that goes beyond elegance — it's a commitment to enduring

Diamond Certification at Lameya

The Pinnacle of Trust and Assurance

Selecting a Lameya diamond means choosing a symbol of eternal beauty
matched with unwavering confidence. Each Lameya diamond is
meticulously selected for its exceptional qualities and ethereal radiance. To
affirm their prestige, all Lameya diamonds are accompanied by certifications
from renowned gemological institutions, including the Gemological
Institute of America (GIA), the International Gemological Institute (IGI), the
Solitaire Gemmological Laboratories (SGL), and the Diamond and Gem
Laboratory of America (DGLA).

Certified Excellence

GIA and IGI have set the standard for diamond grading and is globally
recognized for its integrity, scientific rigor, and consistency. A certification is
more than a document; it's a promise of authenticity, quality, and

Your Lameya diamond's certificate includes a comprehensive analysis

- Carat Weight: Precisely measured to provide the exact size of your
- Cut Grade: An assessment of your diamond's cut quality, which influences
its brilliance and fire.
- Color Grade: Evaluated on a scale from D (colorless) to Z (light color),
detailing the degree of color within your stone.
- Clarity Grade: Identifying the clarity characteristics, with ratings from
Flawless to Included, specifying the purity of your diamond.
- Additional Grading: Fluorescence, symmetry, and polish quality are also
assessed to give you a thorough understanding of your diamond's physical
and aesthetic attributes.

Each diamond is laser inscribed with a report number, a unique identifier
that links your diamond to its report, for verification and security purposes.

Beyond the 4Cs

In the spirit of exceeding industry standards, Lameya's commitment to
excellence includes:

- Ethical Sourcing: We ensure that each diamond is sourced responsibly and
ethically, honoring both humanitarian and environmental standards.
- Advanced Technology: With state-of-the-art equipment and Lameya’s
dedication to craft, rest assured your diamond is graded with precision and
- Full Transparency: Diamond certification peace of mind and transparency,
allowing you to fully appreciate the unique characteristics of your diamond
without reservation.
- Lifetime Guarantee: Underlining our confidence in our products, we
provide a lifetime guarantee against any defects in materials or

Your Lifetime Legacy

A Lameya diamond is an emblem of love and commitment, cherished now
and for generations to come. Certification ensures that each Lameya
diamond bears the hallmarks of authenticity and masterful creation,
solidifying its status as a legacy to be treasured.

For You, Forever

We invite you to experience the distinguished beauty of a certified Lameya
diamond—an everlasting tribute to the moments that define your life’s most
precious memories. Trust Lameya to illuminate your jour perfect diamond,
certified by the best, for the very best.

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