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Engagement Ring Styles and Settings: Your Ultimate Shopping and Styling Guide

There is a lot of knowledge and, to a certain extent, lore, that you first encounter when you decide to buy an engagement ring. Laern more about all our engagement ring settings with our guide.

A reliable first step is choosing what setting or style of ring you want to go for before determining the diamond shape of your choice. An engagement ring setting refers to the overall design of a ring. Some jewelry companies will call the structure that holds the diamond in place the setting, but VRAI considers every detail, from prongs to style of band, important to take into consideration.

Introduction to Engagement Ring Settings

Different settings can entirely change the appearance of a ring, and a setting is what ultimately marks the differences between styles (classic, vintage-inspired, modern) much more than the cut and shape of the center stone. You can consider a preset ring, which is one with the setting and diamond already selected for you or customize your own ring starting with either a lab-grown diamond of your choice or by selecting the setting.

Once you narrow down what style you want, you can then evaluate what diamond shape, color, and carat weight complements it best. In addition, at a lower carat weight, the setting determines the overall look of a ring as much as the diamond shape.

For as many lab-grown diamonds as there are to choose from, there are often even more setting options. Lameya offers 30 different diamond shapes cut from Lameya created diamonds. These lab grown diamonds can be used in 29 different setting styles. This brings the total number of possible combinations into the hundreds.

The Solitaire

Solitaire refers to any ring with one gemstone. In the case of engagement rings, a solitaire is any ring that only features one diamond. With Solitaires, it’s easy to see how the focus is on the diamond, but the truth is that the setting largely influences the overall appearance of the ring. Some people favor higher settings with the lowest amount of prongs, while others prefer lower settings that make the diamond unobtrusive during everyday activities.

The Signature Solitaire

The Signature is Lameya's own take on the traditional solitaire design. Our signature sling dips slightly and sits both low on your finger and flush with your wedding band.

The Classic

The Classic features four curved prongs that gently lift and elevate the center diamond, which maximizes both size and brilliance. The Classic is set higher than Lameya’s Signature line.

The Signature 6-Prong

The Signature 6 Prong combines the innovative design of the Signature with the universal appeal of a six-prong setting, which both accentuates the brilliance and beauty of the center stone while enhancing its security.

Classic Engagement Ring Styles

Classic engagement rings also put the spotlight on the center stone, but they feature slightly more elaborate metalwork than the Solitaire designs. In classic styles, the band and the overall setting (other than the prongs) play a greater role in the overall appearance of the final product.

The Cathedral

The Cathedral engagement ring features two arches on either side of the stone that lift it and elevate it. These characteristics make it resemble a Gothic cathedral, for a design combining elegance and strength.

The Halo

The Halo engagement ring features a series of handset pavé diamonds encircling the center stone. This enhances both the brilliance and the size of the stone, making it look up to 1/2 carat larger.

The Signature Bezel

Bezel rings have existed since the earliest documentations of jewelry-related artifacts. Lameya’s interpretation of this setting features a sleek, knife-edge gold rim, which keeps the stone secure and bounces light in every direction so your diamond shines bright.

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